The dreamer

After several years of working for large tour operators Anita had a dream of escaping the mass tourism and developing her own business which provided quality tours. The idea turned into reality when she found the best people: great, enthusiastic guides, creative web designer and a photographer husband who is always ready to work. All this together led to the foundation of Budapest Locals. She and her team members really put their heart and soul into each and every tour.

Recently she’s behind the computer organising the tours since she’s a caring mother of her baby daughter, sometimes she seems to have more than 24 hours in a day.



The cruiseship expert

Gaby had many different jobs before she became a tour guide. While looking for the best job she worked in a casino, on trains, in offices and abroad as well. Then inspired by a brilliant idea she gained tour guide qualification and finally found what she had been looking for.

Now she says she doesn’t even know why she was doing anything else than showing a beautiful city to great people. She knows everything about cruiseship holidays and she is very fond of dogs.



The chef

Barbi moved to the capital from the countryside to continue her studies and immediately fell in love with the ancient and charming city of Budapest. It was indeed love at first sight, she started as a part-time tour guide during her studies but since she graduated on international studies from university she has the opportunity to show around her guests like old friends every day. She is also keen on everything about food and cooking because since her childhood she adored buzzing around the kitchen thus she adapted her Granny’s tricks about traditional, homemade Hungarian meals. Her motto is “The best way to get to know a culture is to taste its cuisine!”. Therefore she is an amateur chef as well by a local cooking school where she teaches to prepare among other things the best Goulash in town!



The traveller

Bridget is an economist graduate who truly believes that travel broadens the mind. She is just simply not able to sit in an office, she needs to be on the move, as she wants to see as much of the world as possible. But the only place she can live in is her beloved city.

Even tough she started guiding as a student, the hobby very soon became a passion and a profession. She is proud of her city and more than happy to share her knowledge with others. She is a warm and personable walking tour expert.

In her free time she is also responsable for our beauty by making her own natural cosmetics.



the parliament insider

Kinga is proud of her Transylvanian origin which ensures her hospitable, warm-hearted personality. She graduated in tourism and her best year from studies was the last one which she spent in Finland as an exchange student. She realized how different the experience is when visiting a place as a tourist to living there for a while and getting deeper connection with locals. That was the reason why she started to move around in Europe: working as an au-pair in Ireland, than as a tour organiser, later in the hotel industry in Austria and in France. After completing the pilgrimage route of Santiago de Compostella, she decided to go back to Spain to work there as a volunteer, helping to teach English for kids. She settled back to Hungary one year ago and since that she feels glad to show around her guests in Budapest. Besides being a guide, you can also meet her in the visitor centre of the Parliament which is her favourite building in the capital. In her free time she is a nature and sport-lover.



the teacher

If had to be summed up in three words, Detti would probably be best described as high-spirited, charming and infinitely curious; but she just likes to say she is a forever learner. Detti is convinced that the world, its people and their history are too diverse and fascinating to not to learn something new about them every day, and believes the best way of doing so is through people and with people. Touring Budapest first as a part-time guide she realized her tours brilliantly united her two desires: continuously learning and helping others to discover and understand the world better, so by today she regards tour guiding as her passion and profession. However, originally majoring in Arts: English and Hungarian, she was unable the escape the charm of these languages and soon became their teacher; so when Detti is not touring, you’re likely to find her either with a bunch of Hungarians practising English or with a group of respectably devoted foreigners on their way to mastering the infamously wicked Hungarian grammar.