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Duration: 4,5 hours

What do Joseph Pulitzer, Harry Houdini and Tony Curtis have in common?
They were all Hungarian Jews.
In this tour we explore the richness and the depth of Jewish heritage in the city, and how important Jews were to the development of Budapest through the centuries. We show you the unique and vibrant atmosphere of the Jewish Quarter. In addition to the synagogues we cannot miss the most famous Hungarian-Jewish cake, the Flodni.

Some highlights:

  • Great Synagogue
  • Kazinczy street Synagogue
  • Rumbach street Synagogue
  • Mikveh
  • Gozsdu Courtyard
  • Shoes Memorial

The tour includes:

  • Pick up / drop off at your hotel
  • 24-hour tickets for all public transport
  • entrance fees into 3 synagogues
  • cafe or soft drinks with the famous flodni cake
  • maps with tips and recommendations for your stay

Please keep in mind that the synagogues are closed on Saturdays.

If you’re looking for something beyond the ordinary or want to combine content of different tours we are happy to create a unique tour custom tailored to your needs and interests. We always have an open ear for your wishes and ideas!