Hi Anita!

First let me tell you how completely pleased we were with our tour and with Barbie as our guide. We felt completely at ease with her personality, warmth, and professionalism.

All our questions were answered. She didn’t falter or grope or show any distress or irritation, even though I must have personally asked much more than my share of questions.

At the end of the tour when we were all that thanking and hugging each other I told her I fe!t like I had just spent the whole day being shown the city of Budapest not by some stranger but by a new-found family member.

I have been on a good number of guided tours in my life time, the result of reaching the wise old age of 72. I’d rate the tour by Barbie as one of my top three favourites, and I mean that most sincerely. Nicholas and my wife join me in thanking you your organization and Barbie for giving us such a beautiful experience in your vibrant city.

Lastly let me also thank you for the time and energy you spent trying to locate possible family through the Dobay name. Though it didn’t give us the result we had hoped for, your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

Sorry to go on and on in this email but I wanted you to know how my wife and I felt about our positive experience with your company.

Best wishes for continued success.

Hi Brigitta & Anita

On my last night before i leave tomorrow, i thought it would be best to thank youboth for the wonderful experience i had.

Armed with an umbrella (thanks Brigitta that was a good idea) your tour was able to give me an excellent perspective about the sites, the history and the yummy food that Budapest has to offer. The cabbage strudel was a great surprise.

You have a wonderful city and a great business. I will definitely be back to explore it again.


Brigitte (or do you prefer Brigitta?),

I just wanted to thank you again for your amazing hospitality this week on the tour, and for attending both of our concerts. I’m so happy you enjoyed our music as much we enjoyed performing it. It was great to see you smiling out in the audience.

I really enjoyed getting to meet you and having you as our guide on the tour. I definitely learned a lot about Budapest, Hungary, and Hungarian wine, and you are a pleasure to be around.

I really am going to try and get a few friends together and come back for a European wine adventure, especially in Hungary. If we make that happen, I’ll definitely try to coordinate with you.

And if you find the chance to come out to California, I will be happy to show you around some of the beautiful state of California and the wonderful wines there.

Thanks again!

Hello girls,

Thank you so much for your email.
I got back alright to Germany (for me) and the other girls to France. The bride and the bride’s sister even flew in the cockpit on the way back haha. I will also think about getting married just for that haha.

I want to thank both of you from the bottom of my heart. Anita thank you for all the nice exchanges and your kindness. You are the one who convinced us to do the tour with Barbie and it was the best decision ever. I hope you enjoyed your holidays and Congrats for the small baby! I wish you a lot of happy moments with your little angel.

Barbie, i don’t know how to Thank you for the amazing tour you have us. We were so lucky to meet you. All the girls loved you and even if they were not all the time focused i can tell you that for them it is the best tour they ever had! Sorry again for the late. I hope you still enjoyed your time with us. I wish it could have lasted longer but i found out about your tour too late and we already had activities planned! Next time i will visit Budapest(it is for sur not the last time I am there) i will register for your tour again.

We will leave you a nice review on tripadvisor because it is well deserved :).

I live in Cologne in Germany but I used to live in Paris so whenever you want to visit Germany or France please reach me out by mail on on Facebook. I would be more than glad to guide you like you did and it would be nice to see you again. My boyfriend is not a professional guide but he is a very good one for Cologne and Paris so you can bring along your boyfriend.

Thanks for all the tips, your time and patience.

Have a great day.