Let’s be honest. In Budapest there are way too many tourism options to sift through. How do you decide which one to take? Well, we like to think our options are a little different than the rest. We’re a couple of local girls with local sentiments and a love for our city, so we decided to do bespoke tours of Budapest that we adore and the culture that we come from.

First of all, with us it’s all-inclusive. For the base price we will show you all the major touristic cost-intensive highlights as well as a sense of life as a local. We will share with you some of the hidden corners, local hotspots, and unusual sights that makes daily life in Budapest not only tolerable but phenomenal.
And we would like to ask you to keep your wallet in your pocket during the tours since we provide all the maps, metro tickets, food, drinks and entry fees. And to top it all off, it just so happens that we’re a couple of amateur foodies (one of us works part-time for a cooking school), so we would like to treat everybody on our tours with snacks and samples, freshly brewed coffee, or a nice dessert, so you don’t go hungry while we turn you into a local, too. At the end we would like to enrich you with an authentic recipe of a goulash or a chicken paprikas.
The only drawback to our tours is that afterwards you might never want to leave.

Üdvözöljük Budapesten!